Course Goals

Course Goals

Students in this class will meet the following learning goals from the Program in Comparative Humanities (numbers in parentheses refer to university learning goals):

  • Meaningfully compare intellectual materials of different or opposing types: textual with material artifacts; narrative with non-narrative texts; artistic with analytical modes of thought.  (6,8)
  • Appreciate the benefits, problems, and intellectual challenge of comparative study across historical, cultural, or generic boundaries. (5,6)
  • Demonstrate effective expository skills, both orally and in writing. (7,8)

They will also meet these course specific goals:

  • Students will learn to identify, use, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different DH methodologies and tools and be able identify and use key DH terms and concepts
  • Students will create DH projects using the tools covered in lab and be able to articulate and assess the success (or failure) of  a DH project
  • Students will develop research questions that can be answered with DH tools and methodologies
  • Students will work collaboratively in groups to create projects that relate to their own research interests


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